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Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes Solicitors

Expertly Handling Neighbour Disputes

Boundary disputes are some of the most common and bitter quarrels neighbours have in England. It sometimes is very difficult to ascertain where the legal boundary between properties falls. A skilled solicitor has the resources to help you.

Housing and Property Law Partnership (HPLP) seeks to reconcile neighbours involved in property disputes through neutral mediation or arbitration. Due to our exclusive focus on property law, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help neighbours resolve their differences efficiently and at a competitive price.

Why Choose HPLP?

Many boundary disputes revolve around the installation of a new fence, out-building, or overhanging tree branches that have strayed over the perceived line of the property. Our solicitors advise clients on their options for addressing the matter, consulting land surveyors if necessary. We have long established professional relationships with several acknowledged expert surveyors in this field.

In our experience, these cases can often be resolved through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. Our solicitors provide the detailed knowledge and input they need to make informed decisions regarding their options.

We will only advise issuing proceedings should it become necessary to do so, thereby saving our clients' time and financial resources.

Experienced Greater London Adverse Possession Solicitors

HPLP also provides services for landowners or tenants involved in adverse possession disputes. The law changed with the Land Registration Act 2002, though the old law still applies in some circumstances. Both contain complicated transitional provisions. Our solicitors represent landowners' rights to keep title or squatters' rights to continue use of the land and acquire title to unused property.

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At HPLP, we offer boutique services at competitive prices for neighbours, landowners or property managers with issues surrounding property rights and boundaries. Contact our office to discuss your situation with our dynamic London boundary disputes solicitors.

What Our Clients Say:

"professional, hardworking team players"

"covered every possible angle"

"HPLP certainly take a lot of beating"

"friendly, concise"

"high quality, responsive and efficient service at a competitive price"

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