Housing and Property Law Solicitors represents landlords, tenants, and private landowners in a variety of residential property disputes. Our priority is finding solutions for clients while keeping costs to a minimum.

With each new case, HPLP Solicitors finds creative solutions to address the problem. We take the time to fully understand each party's viewpoint, adapting our strategy to the circumstances we are dealing with.

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Our Property Litigation Solicitors

Our solicitors have extensive experience covering the entire range of property litigation, including:

Boundary disputes

Disputes between property owners over boundaries are among the most common legal issues and can be complicated and time-consuming to resolve. It is often challenging to establish exactly where a legal property boundary lies, requiring a high level of skill and knowledge of the appropriate resources to sort out.

HPLP Solicitors has many years of experience resolving property boundary disputes through a variety of tactics, including mediation and arbitration, allowing us to find a solution for you quickly and cost-effectively that protects your interests.

Leasehold disputes

Our leasehold dispute solicitors can help you with a wide range of leasehold disputes, including those related to leasehold forfeiture, disrepair and service charge disputes, ground rent arrears, possession claims, boundary disputes, neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour claims.

Service charge disputes

Service charges for leasehold properties are a common area of contention between freeholders and leaseholders. We have a high level of expertise in this area, representing both leaseholders and their landlords. Our expert leasehold dispute solicitors are highly effective at negotiating service charge agreements and representing clients in court where required to ensure their rights are protected.

Disrepair disputes

Under a leasehold agreement, both the freeholder and leaseholder will typically be responsible for different types of maintenance on the building. Where repair work is needed and there is a disagreement over who is responsible for carrying this out, we can help establish responsibility and ensure the work is carried out. Where one party is failing in their duty to keep the property in a good state of repair, we can take action to enforce their compliance with their legal responsibilities.

Neighbour disputes

Disputes between neighbours can be a problem both for the occupier of a property and the landlord if the property is rented or leased. Our property disputes solicitors are highly skilled at finding solutions through non-confrontational dispute resolution, which is often highly advantageous where you will be continuing to live next to the person you are in dispute with. We can also represent you effectively in court where required to ensure a fair resolution to your dispute with your neighbours.

Disputes concerning rent arrears

We regularly assist landlords with rent arrears disputes, helping to recover the outstanding payments quickly and efficiently, or working to promptly evict tenants who continually fail to pay their rent.

We also act for tenants who are disputing a rent arrears, helping them to negotiate agreements with their landlord to resolve the situation in a mutually acceptable way.  

Possession claims

Our property solicitors in London help both landlords and tenants in possession disputes. If you are a landlord seeking to reclaim possession of your property, we can help you take all the available legal steps to regain vacant possession. If you are a tenant facing a possession claim, we can act for you, helping to protect your interests and prevent you from being treated unfairly.

Anti-social behaviour disputes

If you are a landlord, tenants who act in an anti-social way while occupying your property can cause you a high level of stress and damage your reputation. They may also be causing damage to your property that could end up leaving you out of pocket. We can act quickly on your behalf to remove problem tenants, allowing you to regain vacant possession of your property so you can rent it to someone more suitable.

Why choose HPLP Solicitors to help resolve a property dispute?

We use our expertise in housing and property law to obtain effective resolutions that work to prevent future court actions. Where appropriate, we will negotiate or suggest alternative dispute resolution. If more forceful action is required, we will take the necessary steps to ensure a swift, effective resolution.

When disputes become difficult, we are in our element – thinking laterally to come up with legal solutions when negotiations have stalled. We invite you to view previous case studies for examples of how we put our lateral thinking into practice.

Whatever the scenario, our residential property disputes solicitors have usually seen it before and will already know which strategies are most likely to achieve success. We have extensive experience in the courts and tribunals, meaning we can offer effective representation if matters need to be escalated. As specialists in our field, we are recognised for the quality of our legal services and our high success rate.

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