Property Transactions for Housing Associations & Social Landlords

Housing and Property Law Solicitors offers boutique legal services to clients throughout London and Southeast England. As recognised specialists in our field, we offer legal advice and act on behalf of housing associations and other social landlords involved in a variety of property transactions. From buying and selling property to acquiring or disposing of leases, we provide the expertise you need to ensure your rights and your assets are protected.

Specialists in buying, selling & leasing property

Our solicitors are recognised by colleagues, clients and workers throughout the property industry for the skill and efficiency with which we handle property transactions. We act on behalf of housing associations, co-operatives, social landlords and other registered providers, representing either party in transactions such as:

  • Sales or purchases of residential or commercial property
  • Acquiring or disposing of leases
  • Shared-ownership leases for key workers (police, doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Staircasing
  • Sale of freeholds, freehold enfranchisement and right of first refusal
  • Property stock transfers between two housing associations or other social landlords
  • Sales of redundant parcels of land
  • Commercial lettings/leases
  • Lease renewals and lease extensions

We also provide advice for those registered providers whose leaseholders wish tobuy their freehold, extend their lease or exercise their right to manage the property. Due to our thorough knowledge of the law and direct approach, we usually succeed in satisfying our clients. Our firm offers not only practical legal advice, but our solicitors always use smart business sense. We work hard to maximise your assets and obtain the best possible deal we can to ensure tour continued success

Our solicitors work in close consultation with you to advise you of any potential risks. Our goal is to help you avoid future disputes that could undermine the value of your assets.

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At HPLP Solicitors, we offer boutique services at competitive prices for a variety of property transactions between housing associations, businesses and corporations, and other registered providers. Contact our office to discuss your unique situation with our London property transaction solicitors.